Transforming the world of volunteering

Problem Statement - Our Volunteering Scenario

100s of NGOs, who identified the social problems, formed solutions and working on hem. But they lag on getting volunteers and funds.

[Broken Bridge Image]

People, who want to contribute to the society and Nation building, but dont know when, here, how.

Solution - Grassroots

Grassroots (An mobile application) will connect these these 2 groups and take existing Volunteering activities to a whole new level, with live action on ground. Grassroots will slowly evolve into a Social network centered around Social welfare activities.

App Stats
  • 6 NGOs
  • 1000 - 5000 Volunteers
Recognition in Media
A former IT professional along with his core team members, Sathish Kumar, Haribabu and Surendhar Thina has created an app, Grassroots that will create a bridge between volunteers and NGOs. We talk to him for more details.