Gethugames’ another product that has been dragged for 6 months of development period is finally released as BETA.

Play the game @ Source code @

Dynamic Size

Unlike Tic Tac Toe, which had 2 different sizes for mobile and desktop versions, the goal of this project is to make the gameplay area resize itself to any resolution. A wonderful post @ made this task much easier.

Leader Board

Another goal is to integrate some sort of leader boards to save user score and make the game little competitive. I integrated Playtomic API for the leader boards and it was very simple and good. But there were some serious server stability issues with Playtomic few months back as more and more people started using it and so I temporarily turned off all Playtomic related code in my game. But now Playtomic seems to be working fine and soon will update the code with leader board functionality.
HTML5 Space Maze Screenshot

No Frameworks

The biggest mistake I been doing since my first project is not using any gaming frameworks / game engines. Hand coding menu systems / buttons / screen flow logics is hectic and meaningless when so much of the work is already being done in many open source game frameworks. This project made me realize my mistake and wont be doing any other project from scratch as this. Been looking into coco2dx for a while and probably will be using it for the next game.


The main reason for implementing dynamic game layout is to make the game playable in mobile. But targeting this game for mobile is a bad idea. This gameplay mechanism wont suit for touch devices. The core mechanism is to evade existing lines and asteroids and draw the line through the gaps with high precision. But when you place the thumb in screen in mobile, your view of the drawing tip gets blocked and you lose the precision, thus making the gameplay frustrating.
I tried accelerometer integration and thought drawing as per the device orientation would be cool. It was cool actually, but the problem is browser’s auto-rotation. When you play, the browser auto rotates between portrait and landscape orientations in the mid of the game and there is no API in HTML5 to block browser auto-rotation. Hence mobile gameplay would not all be playable, though it works technically.

Not yet tested in IE. Will do when I get time.

Finally, The Team
Big thanks to Sankar Ganesh, Kevin Skyba for their overall support, ideas and more importantly contributions in programming. Thanks guys 🙂

Then big thanks goes to open source / open art community for all the game assets including graphics / sound effects, etc., Here I list out the links to people whose work are used in this game