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Bazon India

Bazon India is one of the mobile applications designed to help the local businesses get more visibility and reach for themselves.

Bazon India is a business information portal where local businesses can list themselves so that the people of their city can locate the right business for their needs conveniently and quickly.

As a local small business, you can unlock the opportunity to be discovered by customers interested in your products and services and reach them with targeted promotions and content. It provides the digital tools and sophistication that big businesses use, but built and designed so they can be easily utilized by local independent business owners. 

Team Experiences
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  • React-native
  • Firestore
  • February, 2019 to March, 2019
  • Sahana Devi S
  • Saiyasodharan
  • Vatsalya Singhi
  • Sanil M Sathyan
Quality Analyst
  • Beulah Sharon
Hear it from our client


Nice UI and functionality. Very easy to use and am satisfied with this app.

Bazon India
May 5, 2019
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