Hands – on Workshop


We strongly believe We learn when we do. So we designed all our Training programmes around this philosophy. Outcome of any of our sessions is not that You’ve learnt something, but that `You’ve built something`

Free Web development workshop
What you get?

* Hands on experience of Foundation HTML Tags and CSS stylings
* Have built your own First webpage
* And hosted it Online via FTP

Some Stats:

* No. of Workshops so far: 3
* No. of Students: 30+
* Next workshop on: TBA
* See what our Students have made

Bitcoin Session
BTC, Cryptocurrencies

What you get?

* Good enough understanding of Bitcoin/Blockchain so you can make and manage your Investments all by yourself.

Some Stats:

* No. of Sessions so far: 3
* No. of Attendees: 18
* Next Session on: To be announced soon

Ionic Mobile app development course
Ionic 4, Angular 5, Javascript/Typescript, HTML, CSS
What you get?

* We make you develop an Hybrid mobile App for a Freedom Fighter / Social Impacting App.
* Deploy it to Google PlayStore

Some Stats:

* No. of Batches so far:
* No. of Students: 0+
* Next Batch on: 2018 
* Click here to see list of Apps developed by Students trained by us.

Cyber Security workshop
ethical, hack, careeer, laws
* Cyber Security Attacks & Case steady Overview
* Disclaimer
* Cyber Crimes & Cyber Law
* Demo on Live Attacks
* Career roadmap in Cyber Security

Take Home advantages
* Top 10 Best Practices in Home Security
* Way for building better career in Cyber Security
* Understanding the possible ways of Cyber Attacks
* Cyber Knowledge standard increases from `Zero` to `One`.
* Token for Next Paid Workshop.

Some stats
* No. of Workshops so far: 2
* No. of Students: 30+
* Next workshop on: TBA
* Time: 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM (2.30 hrs)