Work with us

We are an Infant startup. Guess it should be obvious that we have super tight budget, because of non-profit nature of the products that we make.

But If you think you can make a difference to the organization with your exceptionally amazing skill set and can work with minimal compensation, drop us a mail @ with your Profile. Kindly understand our Core value, have a look at our products and brief us on how can add value to our Vision.

  • Content Writing

    Content writers are responsible for writing a variety of unique material for websites, blogs, and social media. They also assist marketing teams in development of engaging content that can be used in marketing or advertising campaigns.

    Not everyone can write good content. Having said this, content writers are people who are usually not trained or degree holders but have an inherent love for writing.


    • Develop ideas derived from online/offline research and organize the same on paper or computer applications
    • Write fresh content based on research and brainstorming by following instructions provided for each type of document
    • Develop engaging content for articles, blogs, stories and social media to entice and engage audience.
    • Think up titles for each piece of content keeping appropriateness in check
    • Ensure that content contains sufficient keywords for search engine optimization
    • Manage the company’s social media presence
    • Develop prototypes and storyboards using a multitude of media creation and graphics editing tools
    • Rewrite, paraphrase or write content from scratch depending on specific instructions provided in the work order
  • Graphic Design

    We are looking for a creative Graphic designer with up-to-date knowledge to interpret our products and to design solutions with high visual impact. You will work on a variety of products, including websites, mobile app, posters etc.,


    • Take the design “brief” to record requirements and clients needs
    • Work with a wide range of media and use graphic design software
    • Think creatively and develop new design concepts, graphics and layouts
    • Prepare rough drafts and present your ideas
    • Amend final designs to clients comments and gain full approval
    • Work as part of a team with copywriters, designers, stylists, executives etc.
  • Legal

    We are looking for a Legal graduate with passion for applying his/her knowledge in solving Social problems. We are making Products that brings life to the Acts made for the welfare of people, like RTI Act. So strong legal skill set is required to make sure our products are in complaint with the rules / acts.

    • Identify new products and services that are required by nonprofits
    • Identify new products and services that are mandatory for accelerating the Social change
    • Identify new products and services that are mandatory for accelerating the Social change
    • Conduct thorough due diligence on nonprofits to make sure they are compliant with existing laws and have strong track record
    • Help verified NGOs in registering their Organization, get 12A Certificate, apply for 80G and more
  • NGO Coordinators

    NGO Coordinators are the agents of Social change in our Flagship product, Grassroots. He/She should be a social concerned person and is already been part of volunteering activities.

    • Help the NGO to accelerate their activities towards their Vision.
    • Should volunteer for the NGO, attending maximum number of events.
    • Should mandatorily attend any meetings by the NGO.
    • Should assist NGO to make best use of Grassroots NGO Admin
    • Organize events/conferences/seminars/etc. to promote nonprofit fundraising
    • Assist NGOs on creating crowdfunding campaigns
  • Public speakers

    We are not just techies making only Software products. We also help NGOs in Volunteer pulling. So we are looking for Soul touching speakers, who can speak on Social problems and solutions.

    We do take Social awareness seminars in College under various Cause:

    • Road Safety
    • Environmental Issues
    • Women welfare
    • Poverty Eradication
    • Quality Education
    • and much more

    At the end of Session, we do Volunteer registration and connect them with NGOs

  • Social Researchers

    Among 1000s of IT Startups in India, we are one among a handful of IT Startup looking inwards at our Local social problems and trying to solve them leveraging technology. Since we are walking on an unexplored path, we need to do loads and loads of Research works and pave the way ourselves.

    You’ll need to be curious about human behaviour, a logical thinker, and have an awareness of research methods to get a job as a social researcher.

    Social researchers plan, design, conduct, manage and report on social research projects. You will use a variety of methods to collect, analyse and organise information and data, which you then present to others, either in a written report or as an oral presentation.

    • Apply a range of research techniques to gather relevant information, including document analysis, surveys, case studies and interviews
    • Carry out information and data retrieval searches using electronic databases;
    • Prepare, present and disseminate results, for example as a verbal presentation and in a written report;
    • Offer research-based briefings and advice, which may involve writing action plans;
  • Software Techies

    Software Techies are the brains behind the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems.
    Much more than just playing around with codes, you work with software with the motto of leveraging technology to solve Social problems and provide best, world class IT service to all Social activists and organizations out there.

    You’ll be responsible for:

    • Reviewing current systems
    • Presenting ideas for system improvements, including cost proposals
    • Working closely with analysts, designers and staff
    • Producing detailed specifications and writing the programme codes
    • Testing the product in controlled, real situations before going live
    • Preparation of training manuals for users
    • Maintaining the systems once they are up and running

  • Tele callers

    The NGOs often need to connect with their big Volunteer base for various reasons. So we are looking for energetic tele callers, who could connect with Volunteers via calls, execute calling script and record the response of the Volunteers.

    Calling purpose includes

    • To invite to volunteer for upcoming Social event
    • To request for donation for some fund hungry activity
    • To co-ordinate volunteers for some mega activity
    • To thank volunteers after some mega activity and get their feedback
    • To invite volunteers for Anniversary and other such functions
  • Translators

    Guess you have come across many a times in our website that we are trying to solve local social problems. How come we do that If we make all our Products only in English?! Exactly. We need our apps to be accessible by local language users, who dont know English.

    This is where the Translators pitch in. Translators convert written material from one or more ‘source languages’ into the ‘target language’, ensuring that the translated version conveys the meaning of the original as clearly as possible. The target language is normally the translator’s mother tongue.


    • Reading through original material and rewriting it in the target language, ensuring that the meaning of the source text is retained;
    • Using specialist dictionaries, thesauruses and reference books to find the closest equivalents for terminology and words used;
    • Researching legal, technical and scientific phraseology to find the correct translation;
    • Proofreading and editing final translated versions;
    • Do Transcreate, which is a mix of translation, localisation and copywriting, where the text is culturally and linguistically adapted to suit the reader.
  • Videography experts

    Have you seen any NGO doing some Promotional campaign for their activity? Guess not. Yes. NGOs are run by people, who work throughout the week and volunteer of the weekend. Once the field activity is over, that’s it. They dont even document the success story of the activity. Because a Social impact is made, a life is improved. That is all what is required and that matters. But we need to do some serious Promotional activities for NGOs who work day / night for Social welfare but get 0 attention.

    This is where the Videography experts are required. They document the activities of the NGOs in short and sweet videos, filled with the magic of VFX. These videos should be trending in Social media that the NGO get all the deserved attention, new Volunteers and of course funds, which will accelerate their journey towards their Grand vision.